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About Us

"The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning develops the body uniformly, corrects posture, restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit." 

- Joseph H. Pilates

About Shasta

As a certified Pilates instructor since 2008, I have a lifelong love for movement and enjoy exploring different movement systems and disciplines.
I am passionate about teaching and helping others transform their physical body strength, mind, and spirit. I am devoted to providing a warm supportive and motivating experience. After your session, you will feel invigorated, confident, and full of ease. Pilates exercises are for everyone

Private Sessions


Sessions will be uniquely tailored based on your needs and request.


Foundational Pilates principles are learned establishing proper breath technique, muscular activation and postural alignment; increasing spinal and pelvic stability.


Quality movement patterns are established increasing strength, flexibility, and range of motion. Session emphasis will focus on Classic Pilates reformer repertoire. Integration of movement disciplines of yoga and strength training will enhance sports performance, prevent injury, facilitate recovery; post operative, and postpartum. Your body will look and feel stronger, more toned and lengthened leading to beautiful posture
and presence!

Single $75 | Five $350 | Ten $650

First private session is complimentary.


Small Group Classes

Small group classes offer attentive instruction in a safe, fun environment. Pilates principles integrated into each class! 

Foundations/ Beginner Mat

Perfect if you are new to Pilates—this small group class setting will focus on the basic principles and techniques of the Pilates method. This class is designed to build confidence as you learn the method. Excellent for injury prevention and recovery.

Intermediate Mat

This small group class is ideal for the beginner to the advanced student. This class incorporates key principles of the Pilates method such as postural alignment, breath technique, deep core activation, spinal and pelvic stability. This low impact class focuses on precise controlled movement increasing strength and flexibility. The class flow will offer hands-on instruction and appropriate modifications for each student when necessary. Mat work will be combined with a variety of props such as bands, balls, magic circles, and ballet-barre for vertical work.

Beauty Booty Barre

This class is an energetic & fun work out which combines techniques from Pilates, dance and yoga. This low impact high intensity workout increases strength and endurance. Define, tone, lengthen and strengthen your entire body as you focus on contracting specific muscles and isometric movements—leading to a confident and beautiful balanced physique. Classes will integrate props such as light weights, Pilates balls and bands to increase intensity. Class is designed for all levels.


Single $25 | Five $100 | Ten $200

First group session is complimentary.

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